Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome to the Fixed Action Pattern Blog

I am teaching an upper-level course on Animal Behavior in the Biology Dept. at UMASS, Amherst. I've set up this blog for student posts and my posts. It is my intention to get students to look around the web at popular sources of articles on animal behavior, and to provide short descriptions/links to these articles. I hope to get my students used to exploring the world of science as a matter of daily, or at least weekly habit, to get them used to interacting with others on the web in a constructive manner, and to learn how to communicate something that they've learned in clear and concise writing.

Each week several students will be selected to submit a post, but any student can submit as many posts as often as they like. In addition, each week several students will be selected to post comments on three recent blog entries.

This site is visible to the entire blogosphere and we welcome comments from folks outside of the course. I ask any one posting to keep a positive tone. Constructive critiques are welcome, however abuse or obscene language will not be tolerated.

Have fun here at the FAP blog.

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