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Communication Style of Koala Bears

From so many different animals on Earth, Koala bears are the cutest. They are small animals that look very much like bears and are only about 9 kilograms or 20 pounds in eight. There are large populations of koala bears in Southern Australia. These bears are very fuzzy eaters and like to eat gumleaves. Scientists have found different patterns in the communication style of these bears which varies from situation to situation. All the males of this specie make sounds that the scientists called "big grunting bellow", which means they basically shout or roar whenever they are expressing the feelings of aggression. Females however don't do this often, they make these big grunting bellows from time to time also for the same reason. These sounds are common in many animals but the interesting thing is hearing the sounds that the females (mothers) make when they're talking to their infants. Mothers make the squeaky, soft humming, sometimes soft grunting and murmuring sounds to their infants to show or express annoyance and even anger sometimes. It's just really cool to see that the mothers' sounds vary so much when it comes to their babies even though they're expressing the same emotion.

Another interesting thing is that all the koalas whether it's a male or a female make the same crying sound to show fear. They are like little babies (human babies) who cry when they fear something because they can't talk. Until now, it was thought that after humans, elephants are the only animals on earth that cry but after observing the behavior of the koalas we now know that koalas also display this same behavior often seen in elephants. Some of them even leave their scent on certain trees to communicate and this is usually seen in the male koalas. The koala rubs his home trees with his scent to let other koalas know that those trees marked with his scent are his territories and no one can take over. Most koalas don't take over the trees that have been marked with another koala's scent. Another fact found about koalas, not related to communication, is their ability to digest things that mostly all animals are unable to digest. Koalas eat leaves called the eucalyptus leaves which are high in fiber but very low in nutrition and are said to be very poisonous. These animals eat these leaves all the time and are able to digest them with no negative effects on their body. I picked this animal because I find them really very cute and everything about them just sounded very interesting especially after reading about the way they communicate with each other. All of you should read this or at least visit the website below because I'm sure you will also find these animals adorable and amazing and you might even want to learn more about them, who knows! :-)

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At 1:25 PM, Blogger PWH said...

The communication style of Koala bears is certainly interesting. It shows that the behavior of the male is more aggressive than the female. Also, the role of motherhood comes into play when the mother uses a different tone to express her anger towards her young. Indeed these species are interesting. I am interested to know more about how the male and female koalas communicate with each other when they do not show aggressiveness. This article is interesting! Good Job!

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