Monday, September 11, 2006

My Nerdometer Score is Higher then I Expected.

I was surfing some science blogs tonight after finishing work on tomorrow's assignment and I was looking over Tara Smith's, Etiology Blog, a very cool place, and I ran into a link for the"Nerd" test.

I took the test thinking I can't be that much of a nerd. I play guitar, I don't have a pocket protector for my pens, and I love getting my daughter involved in team sports like soccer and baseball. I really really do like my power tools. If I score a 60%, I'd consider that high.

My score is an impressive 87% nerdiness.

I don't understand why I could have been in such denial? I am surfing science blogs at 11:oo pm. That's a sign of something. Maybe I should rethink my life and embrace my inner nerd?

Go ahead. Take the test and share your score in the comments. I dare you!

Posted by PWH.


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Robbie the prep guy said...

I got all of a 10 because I knew Mn was manganese, I have a microscope at home, and I own a computer. A little unfair to us closet nerds, I do most of my web surfing at work and that didn't count.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger AMG said...

hmm, I got an 18 which is pretty surprising since I thought that I was more of a nerd. Isn't having a telescope nerdy enough. Plus there wasn't much about video games and electronics which I love, so I think the test leans a little more towards the scientific knowledge that a nerd is associated with knowing. Theres more to a nerd than science and math, I think my score was surprisingly low.


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