Friday, October 05, 2007

Flipper as Rambo: Dolphins Can Be Great Naval Security Tools

Relying on security in wartime can come from a variety of sources even the flippers of dolphins as they continue to demonstrate in Iraqi waters. Dolphins, sea lions and other marine animals are being equipped with cameras and special sensors to detect underwater mines and explosives and they are "naturals" to do so.

Randal Davis a professor of marine biology has been prepping dolphins and other marine animals for the last 15 years. Dolphins can be very important in detecting materials such as bombs and other explosive weapons underwater. Davis stated "Dolphins are one of the few creatures that have natural sonar abilities. They can detect objects buried three to four inches deep in sediment, such as a mine, and relay that information back to humans. So what they do can be literally a lifesaving act."Dolphins can be attached with cameras or sensors often mounted on their flippers and are trained to find certain undersea objects.

The only possible obstacle that can come from this devolping research is the communicatiin from dolphins to humans. But dolphins are very easy to train and they are incredibly intelligent. So even though dolphins might have a difficulty communication their findings that doesnt stop the Navy from contining to use this techinique in order to protect the U.S. from potential terrorist. The Navy owns the highest number of bottlenose dolphins and they train them in San Diego in the Navy's Marine Mammal Program and other places to locate explosive devices.

Through the years there is only postive outcomes seen from coming out of this type of method. With the increase of technology of cameras and recording devices the end seems to be getting better. American military leaders anticipate dolphins may help find even more mines around Iraq's main port and adjacent coastal waters.



At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting topic. I did not know that dolphins could detect materials such as bombs and other explosives. I am interested to find out more about their sonar abilities. How do the dolphins sonar abilities function? You also mentioned that they are being equipped with cameras and special sensors, would the dolphins be harmed in any part of this process?

Posted By Nelina Bridge (2)

At 1:16 AM, Blogger PWH said...

Is is a very interesting article and very curious how they are using the dolphins to help them in the war. It is very refreshing to see animals being used for their extreme qualities and not to be tested on.

Posted by Carmen Arsuaga (2)


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