Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Who doesn't remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog when you were little? Did you ever want to own a real hedgehog? Well now you can. Hedgehogs are legal to own in most of the States. They make a unique pet and good learning experience. The hedgehog has a lot of behaviors to tell you just how he's feeling.
You all remember how Sonic rolled into a tight ball and went wheeling superfast around a course, right? Well a real hedgehog can't go speeding through loops and turns, but they will roll into a tight ball when they are scared. In case you didn't remember, hedgehogs have spikes or spines just like a porcupine. They aren't as dangerous as a porcupines quills, but they can still hurt. When the hedgehog is afraid, it will roll into a tight ball with all the spines sticking straight out - who would want to mess with that!
Sometimes when a hedgehog is uncertain about its surroundings, it will make the spikes on its head stick up. Kind of like a warning to anything that might potentially hurt it. They also warn predators or "scary" things by hissing or making a clicking noise. If you really start to irritate the hedgehog it might start to puff up a bit and snort. It may even make a sneezing type noise.
How about when a hedgehog is happy? Hedgehogs can actually purr! If you haven't noticed a pattern, hedgehogs hiss, purr, and puff up. Another animal that does this is a cat. Hedgehogs also are diurnal like cats. This means that they will sleep a few hours during the day and a few at night.
So if you're looking for an affectionate, easy to care for animal, why not get a little Sonic for yourself? (Or you could just stick to the video game!)

Posted by : Christine McConville (11)


At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I remember the sonic game but have never played or gave much thought to Hedgehog’s. So it was refreshing to read all the quality’s that hedgehog’s display. Either way your article has sparked quit a bit of interest, the house is looking for a new pet and maybe a hedgehog is right for us?

Posted By: Rachel McMahon (11)


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