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Massachusetts’s Bald Eagle

The name of this species is called the Bald Eagle; it is under vertebrae and is a bird species. Its scientific name is Haliaeetus leucocephalus.
Its was recently taken off the endangered species list as of June 28,2007(
which means these species are no longer getting closer to extinction in the state of Massachusetts.

The Bald Eagle is one of the most spectacular birds in the whole of North America, with a weight of ranging from 3.6 to 6.6 kilograms, and a wingspan ranging from 2.0 to 2.2 meters, this species is no doubt one of the most feared bird species because of its remarkable ability to capture prey. The male and female Bald eagles have distinct characteristics; the only different between these two sexes are their weight, the females are normally larger than males. This eagle is distinctly colored on every layer of its body. It has a white head and tail, brown body, pail yellow eyes and bright yellow beak and feet. It possesses a sharp/ slightly bent beak which enables it to easily tear captured prey, and it also has claws on the feet to enable it grasp a prey tightly without any chance of escape.

The habitats of the Bald Eagle are in coastal area, estuaries and large inland water. They require a high volume of water of incorporating stands of forest for nesting, and also tall forest trees projecting above the forest canopy so they can easily spot their prey from a high altitude.

In the seventh century (1700’s), the population of this species was reduced ; in the early nineties (1900’s); 41 bald eagles where relocated to Massachusetts from Michigan and Canada, and over the span of ten years, more of these birds have bred and produced off springs. A count of these birds was done in 1995, and 63 of these birds where found in Massachusetts, but I believe this figure has increased in our present day.

The main threat experienced by these species is by humans. Humans frequently kill these species because they believed these birds killed their livestock. The government recently charged a couple of men in Sunderland, Massachusetts for the mass killing of this species while they were still endangered. Other threats could by natural disturbances such as tornados, fire which may destroy their habitat.

In order to ensure the survival of this species, certified wildlife officials frequently check the growth and population of this species, and efforts are made to eliminate human disturbance through education and awareness. Their habitat are also protected and preserved to ensure its survival.


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At 4:00 PM, Blogger PWH said...

Hey there-
It seems like you did your research and it was clear except for one question i had. You said it had different colors on every layer of its body--do you mean just it's feathers or its actual body?

A lot of times, the public has a misconception on which animals are actually a threat to us or not. You mentioned that eagles are known to be one of the scariest birds. Maybe you could explain if thats a myth or not. Do humans/other animals have real reason to think them scary? Maybe you could explain more about the average bald eagle's everyday life.

Nice job, i enjoyed reading it!

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